Looking to add one FXO for a POTS line to use for incoming/outgoing calls. Any recommendations on a card to purchase? Looking fo easy install/setup.


TDM400p plenty available on eBay. You will also need an FXS daughterboard.(not FXO which is for an analogue extension)


you get the fxo and the fxs for less than 30 bucks

Why would I need an FXS daughter board? Maybe I made a mistake but I was under the impression to connect an outside POTS line to my PBX I would need the FXO card, not FXS.

Are these devices easy to configure and do they work well with FreePBX? Looking to use the POTS line for incoming and outgoing calls.

They are quite easy to work with, they have been around for donkeys years and there are many posts on using them with Asterisk, basically configure the FXO port as a trunk and the FXS port as an extension… they also work with raspberries and virtualized machines.

Raspberries do not support analogue. However there are some exceptions if you Google it.

Isn’t it the other way around? See my post.

General an FXO (Foreign eXchange Office) port refers to one physically connected to the PSTN. Dahdi FXO ports do use ‘fxs signalling’ but a SIP gateway does not have that confusion.

Thank you for the clarification Dicko.

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