FXO (Authentic X100P SE FXO PCI) Card Issues!

Hello All,

I have just installed a Authentic X100P SE FXO PCI Card into my new trixbox install and i ran “setup-pstn” command in SSH (PUTTY) and it installed fine, and showed all the correct available channels for in and outbound calls. However when i try and dial 9 followed by the number i want to dial and hit the green call button. it returns an error message that says “All circuits are busy now, Please try your call again later!”

Any ideas i am banging my head against a brick wall trying to work this out. I would greatly appreciate any help with this. From watching videos on youtube people make it look so easy, so carnt see why i am having issues doing it.

Thanks all in advance.

Warmest Regards

I am assuming since you say “new” trixbox that you are running dahdi. From the Asterisk CLI, run ‘dahdi show channels’ (no quotes). Under “Chan Pseudo” you should see one channel that has been configured. If you are good here, check your dialplan.

Then verify your outbound route is set up in FreePBX. Make sure your going out that trunk (probably specified as ZAP/g0 at the bottom of the FreePBX outbound routes page…also verify that you need to dial “9” for that outbound route.

yup i just ran the “dahdi show channels” command in putty and it showed the 1 avalible channel. Also i have already setup a dialplan for the outbound calls.

when “9” is pressed it routes the call to the “ZAP/g0” card to process the call. but again it returns an error message that says, “All circuits are busy now, Please try your call again later!”

I am not too familiar with the X100P, but don’t they have a line in and a pass-through port? You’ll want to make sure your POTS line is plugged into the correct port and not the pass-through port.

What are you using to dial the call (softphone, SIP desk phone)?

Yes your right they have 2 ports a FXO port and a PASS Through port, never the less i have tried using both ports to see if it was me that plugged it in the wrong one and it still didnt work.

I am using both a SIP phone here on my laptop and i also have a PAP2-NA with a old deskphone plugged into it. Both devices yeald the same results.

Can you make a call into your trixbox on this POTS line?

I wasnt planning on using it as an incoming line so havent tried that, I only want it for an outgoing line.

This is the FXO/POTS card i have in the box

Link to card >> http://x100p.com/products/FXO.php

x100p Cards are not supported natively by DAHDI anymore. They always were considered junk. They really are not even cards they are modems repurposed as FXO cards.

Second, trixbox has all but abandoned that project and it uses an old “forked” version of FreePBX and older DAHDI drivers. I am not suggesting that a newer release would fix your problem. In fact, installing an older trixbox (2.6) would probably solve your problem as it properly installs the older Zaptel drivers that support your card. The plus side of installing an older “pre-forked” trixbox is you will be able to update to the latest FreePBX simply by using the module admin.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

You may also want to send log traces from Asterisk when you try to place a call with the verbosity turned up to at least 10.

just i thought to update you all it worked for me on outgoing calls simply just change channel ID to g1 instead of g0 and it will do the job now i am having problem of incoming call i am still working on it