Fwconsole reload and limit of freepbx/asterisk

Hello dear community,

I would like to know if the reload time of the configuration is dependent on the number of extensions.
At the moment I only have 10 extensions and I already have 8 seconds of reload time.
I will have to install 1000 extensions and a dozen per day. My question is :
How can we not reload all the configuration during the reload but only that of the extension creates. Or if you know a realtime solution to keep it fluid. What’s the limit of Freepbx/asterisk ? I mean maximum supported of actives extensions with a lot of calls.

Cloud VPS
CPU: 4 vCore
RAM: 8192 MB
Storage: 100 GB SSD (voice messages sents to emails and not stored on the server)

Thank you in advance for your help.

Your friend freecall1

Yes, it is.

You can’t, because the system needs to know about all of the parts of the system that are loading/reloading.

There used to be a “realtime” extension for Asterisk, but it wouldn’t have helped you with this.

The limit to the number of extensions is variable based on several factors, but we’re have several people try to stress the system by using several hundred phones registered to a single instance. Your concern about reload time is well-founded at this scale - a reload can take several minutes to pull in all of the data and set up the system. Having said that - I don’t think anyone has tried to set up a system this big in several months and the system has had several improvements over the past year that could change this.

The number that sticks in my head is around 800 extensions before things start to really go haywire, but that’s with a pretty typical 10:1 ratio (extensions to active calls) so your use case might change that.

With this size of an installation, your network is likely to cause more problems than the server will. Call quality issues, voicemail performance, and just registration/hints processing all take their toll on the operation of the system. Throwing additional cores at the problem isn’t likely to help a lot (it will, but not linearly).

My expectation is that the system can handle a lot, but you have to be willing/able to split the installatoin up over several servers to get the kind of performance you are sounding like you want.

Finally, remember that FreePBX Is not a good multi-tenant solution, so if this is going to be for a bunch of independent “agents” (several businesses), you might need to look at a different solution.

Try it and see what happens. Let us know when you’re done testing.

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