'Funny' dashboard 3 widgets behavior

this is ‘funny’ and possibly very low on anyones priority list… but.

I have disabled RSS feeds that used to show on dashboard, cleared them off in the Advanced Config (I don’t mind looking at the feeds as admin, but I’d rather have my users of UCP have different feeds on, like from our ticket system maybe; whereas as admin I don’t need /that/ in the dashboard, I’d rather keep it with ‘official’ freepbx feeds; I /do/ understand it’s way too far in the cycle to introduce this kind of change; I’m fine with that - but then I have to clear the RSS feed settings and that’s it.).

Anyway, the above is not the point I’m after…

The point is now, I have now 3 widgets on dashboard remaining.
No matter what I do I can NOT move them about to be like:

[FreePBX Statistics] [Uptime]
[System Overview]
(so, system overview UNDER the statistics and justified to the left, and uptime on the right)

System overview ALWAYS moves itself from under Statistics to land under Uptime.
With RSS feeds widget on, the grouping I’m after was totally possible.

MBoFirefox 41, on 1280x1024 19" monitor :wink: under Debian Wheezy+Backports (up-to-date)

The behavior persists and gets even ‘funnier’ when window is maximized (either system overview or the statistics widget is moved, they just don’t want to stay in the same column of the screen, they always rearrange each other. Hell man, who’s the admin here, I want them my way :wink: )

Dashboard uses a library called packery. They will always auto move. Sorry.

Will read about that :wink:

Could a

rowheight setting change help?

Thats already being done.

@el_es Do they always all appear for you (the widgets) or are some of them missing sometimes?

I rarely get all of them, there are frequently at least one of them missing…

Thank you and have a nice day!


@Marbled : yes I have 3 currently (I’ve blanked out the RSS feed settings in Advanced Settings, but the other 2 were displaying correctly always afaict) - Statistics, Uptime and Overview, they always appear (sometimes when my browser hasn’t finished loading all tabs after restart, they appear to ‘compress’ themselves [like, stack on top of each other] but that is hardly an issue in ‘normal’ situations)

@tm1000 : thanks. I’ve not much time to dive into this either :wink: