Functionality of the FreePBX database

Hi, I’m new to FreePBX and I’m trying to understand the exact purpose of the FreePBX asterisk (not asteriskcdrdb) database, I’ve already read some forums posts but I’d still like to get some clarifications.

From what I’ve understood whenever you change something with the GUI FreePBX first works on a database, then after you hit apply it overwrites the Asterisk config files.
So Asterisk doesn’t actually read anything from the FreePBX database while it’s working right? It reads the normal config files stored in their usual folders instead?
Example: I call an extension so Asterisk needs to lookup the configuration related to said extension, so it retries that info from the config files stored in the usual Asterisk folders.
Is this correct?

There are two things that you might be referring to when you say ‘asterisk database’. There is a MySQL database named asterisk where most FreePBX GUI settings are stored and the Asterisk internal sqlite database, the astDB.

Generally yes this is correct. But not all GUI settings are written to MySQL. Some are written to the astDB and some are even written directly to the conf files.

This is generally correct, but there are call scenarios that do reference MySQL on the fly such as speed dialing a Contact Manager contact.

This is partially correct. Calling an extension requires both the config loaded from the Asterisk conf files and settings stored in the astDB.

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Thank you

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