FreePBX with Yealink T48S

We have a FreePBX through CyberLink that is running on Version 14. This was very recently brought up (within a month) but I am not sure about the Distro.

We are using Yealink T48S phones on firmware

Our client wants to see all calls made to a ring group, even if answered by another extension to facilitate the returning of calls.

I have a ring group configured to ring all phones on an inbound call. I have set “Mark Answered Elsewhere” to “No”. I have verified that the base file within Endpoint manager has:

features_.save_call_history = 1

account.1.missed_calllog = 1

When a call comes in and is answered by another extension, there is no record of that call in the other extensions. When a call comes in and is missed by all extensions, the call does log as missed.

I am suspicious that this has to do with the Sip Headers since we are also having an issue without Parking Lot BLFs not changing to red when the lot is occupied on some of the extensions. Is this a router or firewall issue? Are there any ports that should be associated with this function?

I have brought this to the attention of Yealink who says that the phones get their information from the phone system. When I brought this to FreePBX as a bug, they said that it was a support issue. The knowledgebase has very little information beyond what I already have configured.

Thank you, in advance.

First, let’s cover one thing, a “Ring Group” is a concept. In other words, there is no thing as a “Ring Group” service/system that is standard. A Ring Group is a group of devices that will be called. So in this case if you have a Ring Group with three extensions in it, the PBX is generating three separate calls. Each of those three calls are handle like any other “standard” call the PBX would send to the phone. So the phone itself has no idea that this is a “Ring Group” that is being used or that 2 other phones are getting that same call. So the PBX generates three calls from one Dial() command. By doing this, the PBX will give the call to the device that answers and then tell the other 2 calls to “CANCEL” the calls they are getting.

So now I need to know a couple things to make sure I have the full picture.

  1. How long is the Ring Time for the Ring Group?
  2. Do the extensions in the Ring Group have voicemail enabled?
  3. If yes for 2, how long is the Ring Time for each of those extensions?

Let me know those answers. While you’re at it, send a call to one of these phones (a regular single call) and hang up before the Ring Time is reached. So like one or two rings. Then check if that call shows up in the Missed Call list. Let me know that answer too.

Thank you for that information.

To answer your questions:

  1. The ring time is 20 seconds
  2. Some do and some don’t. There are some “general” use phones that are programmed to send unanswered calls to a general voicemail box (set up as a virtual extension). The ring group is programmed to go to an IVR on no answer.
  3. There are 3 phones in the ring group that use Find Me Follow Me to ring secondary extensions. It is programmed with a 0 initial ring time and 20 seconds to ring both extensions in a ringallv2 strategy. Other than those 3 extensions, the others have Find Me Follow Me disabled. The initial ring time for all other extensions under the Find Me Follow Me settings (again, that are disabled) is 10 seconds.

I did a test call to an extension we have set up (the other phones are in a remote location). After 2 rings I hung up and I see a missed call.

Let me just try to clarify what I’m reading from your question @allisone. You’re problem is that you’re not seeing a log of the calls that are answered, right? I may be wrong, but from reading your response @BlazeStudios, it looks like you’re trying to fix it so that if a call is missed it will be logged, but that is already happening.

I also use the T48S, but unfortunately I don’t have an answer on how to log a call that was answered elsewhere in the Yealink’s history

Try setting “Answered Elsewhere” to Yes. It will send an additional SIP header in the CANCEL request. That should make the phone see the call.


@BlazeStudios - I do have “Answered Elsewhere” marked to yes. That is why I initially took this to the bug report, but they have told me it is not a “bug” issue.

@matthewljensen - Yes, if someone at extension 101 answers a call and then the employee at 102 needs to return that call, they do not have any way to see the number without yelling it across the office (not ideal). These phones are all part of the same ring group so I just need calls to log as “Missed” or really anything that will show the calls in the log.

In your initial post, you say you have “Answered Elsewhere” set to No. Now you’re saying it’s on yes. Maybe you’ve tried both… But, if what you want is for a call that is answered elsewhere to be marked as missed on the other extensions so they can see it and return the call, I think you actually want that setting set to No.

Do the calls show up in the extensions Call History via the UCP?

And you now have “Answered Elsewhere” off and still the same issue?

My apologies, that was a mistake. I have tried it both ways and cannot get it to show up with Yes or No, but from the other support forms I read you want it set to “Yes”. I’m looking through the phone logs and pcap to see if the headers are actually getting to the phone as “Cancelled” as BlazeStudios suggested.

In looking at the UCP and CDR I see that a call that came in does show with :no_entry_sign: symbol. So it is logging as missed in the UCP, it would seem. I guess that means this is a Yealink issue reading those headers…?

A CANCEL is not a header. A CANCEL is an actual SIP Request message that the phone processes because it has to send back an ACK per SIP RFC’s.

When you set “Answered Elsewhere” that adds a SIP Header to the CANCEL request that shows that call was answered by another endpoint. So when you’re looking in the pcap file you’re not looking for a CANCEL header, you’re looking for a CANCEL request just like an INVITE request.

Also, my question about checking the UCP was more an answer to your not shouting across the office to get a callback number. They can log into the UCP and look at their call history.

Ok, I understand (better than before). Thank you.
These are very technology-wary employees, but that is an excellent suggestion.

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