FreePBX with GDS3710 and GXP2140 phone looking for video

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Hello @danielf!
I totally followed your solution to get video from my indoor GDS3710 to my GXP2140 in your post:

But i was wondering if it is possible to get “video” (images) if i dial from my extention to the GDS3710, is there a way to achieve this? Because the other way from GDS3710 to the phone works!
By the way, can you adjust de speed of the “video” (images sent per second)¿?

Thanks in advance and really happy to find your solution!
Cheers from Mexico.

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Hello @rulobeach,

Thank you for contacting me. I am glad that my posts helped you to solve your problems.
I do not understand completely what is that you are after.

Can you send me a short video to my email: that explains in more detail what is your purpose?

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.


Sorry to butt in but I read this thread and the prior one referenced on getting the GDS3710 and GXP2140’s to work together. I had the same situation about a year ago. FreePBX Distro and these exact phones. I worked with Grandstream support and we accomplished this another way.

Two things from your prior post I noticed.

  1. you said the GXP2140’s couldn’t do video, only still shot. They CAN do video (just called my client to confirm I was remembering this right).

  2. I worked with Grandstream support to get the doorbell working. The GDS3710 was set up to call the GXP2140’s directly by IP using a second account. The only limitation here was it was limited to 5 IP addresses but for my situation this worked fine. Obviously you’d need to have the phones on DHCP Reservations so their IP didn’t change but it works great with full video, voice and door control.

I have screen shots of the GDS3710 settings if you’re interested.

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Hi there @ashcortech!

Thank you for joining in and it sounds really nice what you call working with “full video” if that means you can receive a stream of video or avoiding to watch a video in slow motion on your phone, i would be very excited to see your solution!

Waiting for your comments about your situation a year ago and if you don’t mind sharing your screen shots of the GDS3710 settings, would be awesome.

Thank you again and let’s try to tune it to the maximum and also share with others.


The basics are that you have to set the IP and sip ports on the doorbell and phones to be static. Then under the doorbell settings of the 3710 you tell it to call the IP address and Sip port of the phone you want to get the video call. There’s a limit of 5 with this method.

I have a zip file with the screen shots but it won’t let me upload it here or in a PM. PM me your email address and I’ll send it to you. it’s only about 974kb

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My solution: Use “direct IP call”

Thank’s to @danielf and @ashcortech, what i wanted to achieve is to call from both sides: doorbell to my phone and phone to my doorbell WITH VIDEO. Direct ip call can let you do this very easy.
Also the config was the last answer from ashcortech, which basically is the documentation to configure the phone without a PBX:

My final scenario was a phone configured with 2 accounts, one with a sip extension (for the internal calls) and the 2nd account used as a direct ip call (for the videocall in both directions of the GDS3710).

The solution that @danielf offers, only worked for a sip scenario (where you use a PBX) and only in one way call (from doorbell to my phone)

Thank you both for your big help clarifying me what i wanted to achieve.
Sincerely Raul.

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