FreePBX- Inbound Route Configuration

Hello, I was able to use this thread and resolve my issue with outbound calls utilizing FreePBX with VOIP…ms. Now I can’t seem to figure out the inbound calls. I am hoping someone from this previous thread can provide some screenshots of there inbound routing if possible. Unfortunately as the thread linked above explains and I have confirmed multiple times over, the documentation for with Freepbx integration is incorrect. Thanks!

Do I have to port forward in order for inbound calls to work? I see nothing on sngrep when I try to call inbound. is showing all the calls as unanswered. Outbound works fine and internal extensions work fine just need to solve the inbound.

Assuming you use IP Auth, then yes, you would need to forward SIP and RTP ports used.

It is recommended to forward only from trusted sources and not publicly expose these.

I ended up just having a firewall setting wrong on the Freepbx firewall. I didn’t have a trust with the router for some reason. I fixed that just by chance running the wizard again then calls started going through.

I’m glad that you got it working, but:

Be aware that sngrep captures outside the FreePBX firewall, i.e. it’s before the firewall for packets received and after the firewall for packets sent. So if the firewall were blocking the server address, sngrep would still show the incoming INVITEs (including retransmissions) but no replies (because Asterisk didn’t get the INVITEs).

Unless caused by buggy SIP ALG or a misconfiguration, you shouldn’t see SIP packets from the router’s IP address – they should come from the server IP address (208.100.x.x). Of course, they physically come from the router, so you would see the router’s MAC address.