FreePBX v17 Update

Hi all, does anyone know if FreePBX v17 is in development or not as I was expecting there to have been some news on development of it by now?

There are branches for is but I don’t know if anything official has been said. Last time this came up it was crickets.

Perhaps something @mwhite @kgupta or @lgaetz can shine some light on

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FreePBX 17 and the new FreePBX distro have been the primary focus of engineering efforts now for a long time now. We expect to have a 17 beta tarball of OSS modules ready to share in the next week or two, and expect to have a Debian based distro to follow after that.

As has been stated previously, the main things addressed in 17 will be support for upcoming Asterisk macro removal, as well as support for PHP 8 and current versions of other services such as nodejs. When the beta drops, we’ll publish a blog with a list of what’s in store.


Did we know this already? This is news to me. Also, is v17 still SNG7?

It’s been an open secret for a while, this is the first public confirmation.

We have no plans to issue a 17 version on anything other than the upcoming Distro.


So anyone on the FreePBX Distro will be forced to do a reinstall to upgrade to FreePBX 17?

Sounds like a ton of work is done in FreePBX 17? How come none of this is showing up in GIT repos for 17. Is this all being done in secret?


If FreePBX is moving to Debian, ( a good thing) , Then will obfuscated commercial modules will now work on a PI, ?

If you use Debian, they have rolled upgrades for years with almost no problems, I know that I have as I have done that, from 5 to 12 , time to finally reject RH maybe?


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