FreePBX v17 Update

Any updates to this @lgaetz?

Needed test environment for third-party module development – you might find it fun to test, or not:

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Is the EDGE tarball working for others?

Still only able to get the GIT ZIPs to work – updated the Ansible Role accordingly, released for testing as v0.23.02-alpha.

Updated v0.23.03-alpha Ansible Role to get Release EDGE tarball working now · chrsmj/pngnx23299 · GitHub by way of:

$ ansible-playbook --become-method=su -k -K -i TARGET, -e freepbx_upstream=edge playbook.yml

Some broken modules but hopefully the role and its step-by-step flow helps others by making it easier to test and therefore submit bugs/fixes.

At which point do you get stuck?

I can download and extract it.

(One) Bug was in UCP module, which the EDGE tarball installs, but after another ‘fwconsole restart’ and online upgrade of UCP to it was okay.

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Can you post it there?

Sorry, it does not seem like community contributors have access to post.

I would appreciate it if you post in this thread or send it to private messages. Thank you

Looks like most of the FreePBX GitHub move happened. Updated the Ansible Role for a Debian 12 install accordingly in v0.23.28-alpha to now download FreePBX modules as ZIP files from GitHub using release/17.0 tag. Full README here.

TL;DR version (assumes you can SSH to TARGET):

$ wget
$ tar xvzf v0.23.28-alpha.tar.gz
$ cd pngnx23299-0.23.28-alpha
$ ansible-playbook --become-method=su -k -K -i TARGET, playbook.yml

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