FreePBX v15 WebRTC Phone Widget - Call Buttons UI Bug

Some background -

We have been using FreePBX v13 for about 6 years as our enterprise PBX as well as our contact center platform (Noble Systems) audio path. Pre-pandemic our call center agents used Cisco CP-7841 SIP phones as their endpoint.

Like the rest of the US, starting in March of 2020 we migrated 200 reps to a mobile scenario, currently using the UCP/WebRTC phone via a Chromebox. Each rep connects back to the corporate network via a locally installed Cisco AnyCopnnect client so the PBX is on-net, so to speak.

We are working to migrate to v15 over the next 15-30 days. Our testing of the v15 UCP/WebRTC phone exposed a bug in the PJSIP extension/device which makes it not usable for production. The bug is that every 600 seconds after initial login, the WebRTC phone refreshes its call buttons UI back to just the “Call” button, no matter if a call is in progress or not.

So if you need to place the call on hold, you are out of luck, and the only way to end the call is to refresh the UCP or log out of it.

We have an open paid support ticket (977077) and the Sangoma team has acknowledged the issue, but no ETR is available.

My questions to the group of FreePBX users on v14/v15 -

  1. Have you also seen this behavior in the UCP/WebRTC phone?
  2. If so what workaround(s) have you tried if any?

Here are links for three other related tickets for reference -

Note - we are testing the Sangoma Connect Android app installed on the Chromebox systems as a possible interim solution.

Hi Tony

Same problem here. We just rolled out webrtc and the same issue came flying in. We first thought it could be the client VPN or browser related but it is not thus far. I logged a ticket with Sangoma before reading this thread.

Did you perhaps find a resolution to this?

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