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FreePBX upgrade from 2.11.0 to latest



I need to upgrade to version 13 but it will not allow me to upgrade via the Upgrade tool, I found this link to upgrade it manually but I am afraid something will break like the last upgrade I attempted. This is the link:

If you look at the last comment on this page, someone had to run a different mysql command for it not to break. Is this accurate?

(Kyle Elliott) #2

While it may be possible, honestly for a system that far back I would just rebuild on 14. There’s bound to be some changes to how things are done that end up being breaking, and it would be a good time to shed old/dead items that may have been overlooked.


The thing is that I do not want to recreate all my extensions, IVRs etc. I just want to do a restore and be done with it.

(TheJames) #4

(Dave Burgess) #5

Not possible. You can’t. Not something you can do. Not a chance. No way, hombre.

You are going to either have to rebuild from scratch or tough through one of the upgrade scripts, and even then you are not guaranteed to end up with a system that works 100% like what you had before.



Not even using the conversion tool jfinstrom suggested?

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

The conversion script WILL work for you, it exists expressly for the purpose of transferring settings from unsupported systems to a new install.


Do i need to have the system admin module in order to do this?

(Lorne Gaetz) #9

Yes. The new system must be registered, which requires System Admin.


Thanks! I am getting this error while trying to install:

Error(s) downloading sysadmin: Error opening for reading

CentOS 7, Freepbx 13.0 and Asterisk 13.

(Marbled) #11


System Admin is a commercial module and those are only supported on the FreePBX distro…

Good luck and have a nice day!