FreePBX upgrade and Asterisk upgrade


I recently upgrade FreePBX from version 2.11 to version 12.
But the Asterisk version is not upgraded, and stay 11. This is normal?
How can i upgrade Asterisk to version 12 or 13?
asterisk-version-switch show only 1.8/10/11 versions!

Run the command asterisk-version-switch

It will list out the options for the new asterisk versions to use.

You need to use the Distro Upgrade scripts as found here.

I need to run all 20 scripts?
Or only one is enough?

From the Upgrade Page:

All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order. Do not skip any upgrade step. Upgrade scripts are not cumulative. Each upgrade script should be run in ascending order to get to the desired final version.

So I don’t think you can just jump to the end…

After upgrade from 2.11 to 12 my system have this versions:

FreePBX 12.0.10
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-4
Asterisk (Ver. 11.13.1)

Now, what script i should run to upgrade?

I have a version of FreePBX 13 raspbian this …

Asterisk currently assembles 11 I would like to move to Asterisk 13

the script is not there a way to install it?