FreePBX under Attack

Hi, since this morning i see Fail2Ban blocking IP evry Minute… Checked Firewall seems to be running , there eis no blocked hosts under blocked attackers list .
All attacks are for SIP, Dont know if there is something Wrong with Firewall,
Normally i have few IP blocked per day, by Fial 2 Ban

Do you have Responsive Firewall running?

Yes Is On, has been on for past 2 years, as we have remote extensions…

So that means it allows all sip traffic in and has rate limits. Those are different then fail2ban which checks for X activity in the logs during Y timeframe. So they arent triggering the iptables ratelimits but they are fail2bans limits.

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For now i Disabled Resposive Firewall, and whitelistet remote workers IP. Fail2Ban notification are not coming anymore… Will wait fews days to enabeld Responsive Firewall Again

Thank you for all replays Be safe there :slight_smile:

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