Freepbx - SuiteCRM integration

Hi all,
sorry, but I didn’t find any solution. I’ve trying to integrate FreePBX with suiteCRM.
I’ve installed CRM Link and followed steps in

I’m not able to must match users from the PBX to SugarCRM/SuiteCRM users, since when I access to Admin > User Management > Edit the user, under the tab CRM I don’t see any user, just NONE.

Why? Do you have any idea? it’s driving me crazy!
Thanks a lot!

I am having the same issue. If you haven’t already tried “fwconsole crm -u -f” on your freePBX console, that may help. Originally that was showing me an error it was finding. After resolving that (ssl issue on CRM side) it now succeeds, but I still don’t get users.

I found out today that I had added the URL to the hostname to our SuiteCRM, but the full path had a subdirectory in it to get to the root of SuiteCRM. When I added that, and then ran fwconsole crm -u -f as others have suggested, when I went back into FreePBX User Management and edited a user, on the CRM tab the dropdown now had the ability to link users.

Could you please post the solution with the example of the subdirectory that was missing so others with the same issue can try your fix?

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