CRM Users not populating

I recently connected FreePBX to SuiteCRM via a trial of the CRM module. It installed fine, and I worked through an issue where it couldn’t talk because the https certificates were self signed, and now fwconsole crm -u -f runs successfully. However when I go into user management and select a user, and go to the CRM tab where I should be able to link that FreePBX user to a CRM user, the dropdown only has the option None. Does anyone know where else I should look or where I might be going wrong? Thanks in advance!

This user/topic ran into the same issue, and got no reply before the topic was closed out:

This one also seems very related:

Can you send a shot of your crm module page from your pbx? I have it working. Something is a miss. Have you tried re-installing module on crm side?

I double checked everything, but if uninstalling and reinstalling may fix it, I’ll do that next. Thanks for the suggestion!

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling modules on both the FreePBX and SuiteCRM sides, which I don’t think changed anything, but I did find that I may have missed something. I had added the URL to the hostname to our SuiteCRM, but the full path had a subdirectory in it to get to the root of SuiteCRM. When I added that, and then ran fwconsole crm -u -f as others have suggested, when I went back into FreePBX User Management and edited a user, on the CRM tab the dropdown now had the ability to link users.

Awesome! Glad things went well.

The module probably needs more front end error notifications. That said when I wrote it I did put a lot of dbug information in for support to see. You should be able to see a lot of what is/isn’t happening with fwconsole dbug -s. Note I did write this years ago so it is possible internals have changed.

Well, your “old” module has worked well for me! Thank you… Thank you… I’m using that module running the latest version of SuiteCRM 7.11.20. which was just released a few days ago. I can confirm, It’s still working perfectly! Since I’m lucky enough to be talking to the person who wrote a module I use as a daily driver, can you please point me in the right direction to look, as it pertains to getting Sipstation SMS’s pushed over to the CRM from the PBX? I’m hoping it can be done using similar techniques that your module employs with incoming and outgoing phone calls.

That is not built in functionality… There are web hooks which might be your best bet. This of course requires writing a handler. I believe starting about 13 hey hook was added to SMS but I don’t recall off the top of my head and unfortunately it’s not open source but if you have the module on your system it’s also not obfuscated. I used the hook for a dangerous demo at astracon and it went into the main code. I would have to see if I still have that code somewhere in order to be more specific. Looking at the module code itself you should be able to see what to look into.

Yes sir, will do! I can’t be the only one in the world that would think that kind of functionality would look really good on that module’s brochure. If you ever hear of anyone wanting to take up that project please feel free to look me up. I would have no problems pitching in.

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