FreePBX Server for more as one customer

dear community,

i have installed now on a server the latest freepbx.
so what we need:
we want add more sip trunks and more phone numbers (one server for customers than only for one).

now the questions:
is it possible to do that? one freepbx server for multiple customers?
i think for 10 customers with 10 different setups?

is it possible to set the same extension for multiple telephonenumbers?

customer 1:
pohne number: 0123456 / 1000 - 10

customer 2
pohne number: 0654321 / 1000 - 10

and so. i mean one extensions for multiple numbers / trunks?

i am a newbie in freepbx, whats the best tutorial i can read about freepbx?

thank you very much,

many greets MK

The really short answer is “No”.

The longer answer is “Not really - you are going to have all kinds of problems.”

A longer answer is “The problem you are going to cause comes to light when you try to do things like feature codes.”

This is really not recommended. There are other solutions for multi-tenant systems that will do this so much easier than FreePBX.

One more time - I really recommend against even trying. While there are sadistic people that will tell you it can be done, they are just trying to torture you. If you want to do something like this, it really is easier to do it on 10 different installations of FreePBX (for 10 users). You can run them in a VPS (the PBX software isn’t really very hungry when it comes to resources) then you can do this in the same machine.

If you are charging $125 an hour (the minimum for this kind of work), the cost of 10 2U servers works out to way less than the amount of time and struggle you will put into trying to get this to work.

If, on the other hand, you decide to ignore my advice (which you certainly can - I’m not an authority of any sort), please let us know how is works out for you when you get done.

hello dave,

thank you for your post.

that means: 1 should install for each customer one pbx virtual server?
how many ram / cores and diskspace i should use?

do you now another multi-tenant system what you can recomment me?

thank you very much,
many greets

I don’t have a lot of good numbers for you - my Virtualization experience is from the 1980s and was based on IBM 4361 systems.

I recall some traffic through here a couple of months ago about 1 core and 2G of memory is enough on the server. 320G of hard drive space can work easily for you as long as you clean up the logs and temp files on a reasonable schedule.

I don’t know of any “free” multi-tenant systems, but I know when I was looking a couple of years ago, there seemed to be no limit to the different solutions out there. We’ve even had a good discussion on this forum (late last year, maybe) where we talked about all of the different strangements there were in trying to run a single FreePBX instance in a multi-tenant mode.

You can try Elastix MT, specialized distro for multi tenant systems based on a VPS. Just bare in mind that it uses kamailio as a sip server and asterisk for media applications like moh.

Thanks for all your infos! many greets.