freePBX on pc engines alix3d2


just wanna know if freePBX will run smoothly on the below platform. it will just be use on a maximum of 15 users environment;

= pc engines alix boards (alix3d2 = 1 LAN / 2 miniPCI / LX800 / 256 MB with 8GB SLC CF card)
= cisco 3102 for my gateway
= and planning to add an external usb flash disk for logs.

i would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations using embedded platforms on such a number of users.


I think your cpu is a 586 soyou have reduced options,i.e. I doubt that any prepackaged FreePBX type distributions would work.

You will need an OS that you can install into 256M of memory, Debian net-install fits that bill , the cpu is a little under-powered so I suggest you don’t try and do too much transcoding, 15 users is rarely more than 5 concurrent calls so if you stick to g711 you should be good.

There are other places than /var/log that get lots of writing so consider moving your mysql tables and your other dynamic asterisk stuff ( /var/spool/asterisk/* ) also to your usb stick, but be aware that USB sticks and CF cards are about equally susceptible to failure so make sure you have a timely backup at any time of your mounts on the usb stick.

thanks for your reply but it would be difficult for me to do the installation if theres no prepackage that fits embedded board of this kind coz am not a linux guy at all.

hehe , if you are not a linux (or bsd) guy don’t use that hardware, neither windows beyond 98 nor Apple will work on it either :wink:

Try an intel NUC, smaller, not cheaper, but you can run all of the above at the same time on it (if you where a linux guy).

what about the pbxiaf (as the word in a flash)? or the raspbx…just curious if they fit on my alix…