Freepbx new create extension caller id display device

I installed a new server with elastix 2.4, then I import the data from the old elastix server, now I found that new create extension from the freepbx web gui has something wrong, for example I create extension 12345, when it call to 54321, 54321 will see it display device 12345 on the phone screen, not display name I set from the web.when I create extension from bulk extension module, it became normal, display the name, once I edit the extension from freepbx web,it became abnormal again.
anyone know where is wrong ?
how to solve this problem?

Elastix is dead they sold out to 3CX , get over it, there is a “save u” script from the Sangoma guys that might help you convert to the FreePBX distro.

Not only that, but 2.4 is from February of 2013 and is horribly insecure.

This script is not usable with Elastix 2.4 as it requires the embedded version of FreePBX to be 2.9 or newer. Elastix 2.4 uses FreePBX 2.8

I used the conversion tool once but it left me with a gimped up version of FreePBX 13. I blew out that install and used the Bulk Extensions module in 2.8 to export and then reimport into the new FreepBX install. That worked much better. It did mean I had to recreate a bunch of IVR manually and such, but in the end my FreePBX 13 install was much more stable.

I had problems with call parking and a few other thing on the conversion process. Just too many little issues for me to want to use it in production. The manual process ended up being way cleaner.

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If you want to keep using the Elastix 2.4 check the following instructions

  1. Go to /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/
  1. Copy to a backup file in case that you messed up
  1. Find the following line in this file

$sipfields = array($account,’callerid’,$db->escapeSimple((isset($_REQUEST[‘description’]) && $_REQUEST[‘description’])?$_REQUEST[‘description’].» <».$account.’>’:'device’.» <».$account.’>’),$flag++);

  1. Change $_REQUEST[‘description’] to $_REQUEST[‘name’]
  1. Go to your web interface and in each extension press submit and then apply changes.

Think about upgrading, Elastix is now obsolete. For the time being FreePBX distro is the only option until Issabel project releases a stable iso.

Thank you very much.