FreePBX + NAT + Cisco SPA 303 - There is no voice

Asterisk 1.8+FreePBX 2.11 is behind NAT.
Try to connect your phone Cisco SPA303.
Registration takes place.
You can call but cannot hear the voice.
After 30 sec breaks the connection.
Assigned parameters localnet, externip, nat=yes canreinvite=no.
Configured port mapping 5060.

Please tell me what else needs for voice.
Thank you.

You need your RTP ports (UDP / 10000 - 20000)
Make sure the Cisco and Freepbx have enabled a common codec. (ex. G711)

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What is the minimum RTP port range for the correct voice?
10000-20000 range is too large. There is no possibility to open a number of ports.