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(Arman Karapetyan) #1

Hello. Tell me please can I use the logo FreePBX for my portfolio in Upwork?

(Tom Ray) #2

No, it’s a violation of copyright/trademark. You can use the words but not the logo.

(Communication Technologies) #3

I recommending asking the company directly, instead of people with no authority (community fourm of non- employees) to advise you on the matter.

(Arman Karapetyan) #4

Thank you. One more question - what if I use it?

(Arman Karapetyan) #5

OK. I will. Thanks for link.


The logo has embedded malware that will hold your computer ransom until you pay Sangoma in bitcoin.

(Arman Karapetyan) #7

billsimon, of course thanks for answer, but I think it is a little unrealistic

(Dave Burgess) #8

Stupid answers for stupid questions. Seems like a fair trade.

(Arman Karapetyan) #9

Seems like you are smarter of all. Tell me your opinion if you are such clever person.

(Dave Burgess) #10

My opinion is that only a criminal would even ask, so rather than participate in your fraud, I’ll let other people speak. If you want legal advice, call your lawyer.

(Arman Karapetyan) #11

Right. :point_up:
I’ll call my lawyers team.
It was incredible idea, how could I not guess.


I don’t get why you are here being snarky. What do you want us to say?

(Arman Karapetyan) #13

I’ve got a real answer here from one nice person. I do not want to get any feedbacks already.
Thank all of you for all the feedbacks.
P.S. I am not snarky.

(Lorne Gaetz) closed #14