Can we use new FreePBX logo on our website?

Hi everyone,

Can we put a new FreePBX logo on our website which is for a commercial product?

Update 1: I know it depends on how it would be actually used. In our case for the purpose of mentioning that our product works with FreePBX.

Update 2: The Sangoma Trademark Policy ( states the following:

Sangoma generally does NOT consider use of the Sangoma Logos to be Fair Use because of the enhanced connection the logo implies; usage of logos is only authorized under a written licensing agreement


  1. Descriptive Use: Sangoma recognizes the principle that others use its Word Marks without
    necessity of an explicit agreement with Sangoma to refer to Genuine Sangoma Products. For
    purposes of illustration, you may use the word “FreePBX” (but not in Logo Form) to advertise that your company works with FreePBX or to describe the goods or services that you
    sell/develop as long as the usage does not risk confusing the public into believing there is an affiliation, sponsorship, or approval relationship between yourself and Sangoma or that you create Genuine Sangoma Software.

The above-mentioned implies that we cannot use FreePBX logo on our website without written agreement. Although quite vague, because there are no definitions of the “Sangoma Logos” (is it the logos of Sangoma Technologies Corp or all the trademarks owned by the company?) and the “Logo Form”.

I think the only way to solve this is

If you have any questions or comments, please contact [email protected]

Or maybe someone already did this?

I do not recommend seeking legal advice from members of an open source forum ("…people on the internet said it was okay…"). It sounds like there is a more appropriate venue for your question, which you have already found. I recommend [email protected], as it will provide an definitive answer you couldn’t receive here.

Yes, I was just wondering maybe someone already did it for their project.

Thanks anyway!

If you do get an answer, please share it.

This is a use of a “Word Mark”:

“Our module fully supports **FreePBX ® ** v14+ releases” <-- Using the word FreePBX, which is trademarked. It must also have the registered trademark symbol next to it.

This is the use of a “Sangoma Logo”:

"Our module fully supports "


That seems logical to me, but the document lacks some definitions, hence the question.

Sure, I will.

Does it though?

“Trademarks” will refer to each and every one of these trademarks, registered and
unregistered, whether presented in the logo form or presented in some other manner.

“Word Mark” means a substantially text-only presentation of a Trademark in an appearance
that would not reasonably be interpreted to be part of a logo.

“Logo” refers to any use of a Trademark as part of a logo or in an appearance that would be reasonably interpreted to be part of a logo.

Yes, although I do believe that the document implies that we cannot use the Logo without written agreement, we still need to make request to Sangoma for clarifications re how can we add it on our website.


You have an email address to get definitive answers to your questions, please use it.

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