FreePBX Internet Connectivity

Hi guys…

I am a newbie in FreePBX and my question is how do i configure my freePbx to call using the internet?

Do you mean direct IP calling? Or through an ITSP?

If you are asking “How can I call regular landline and mobile telephone numbers over the internet?”, you must purchase service from an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), also known as a VoIP provider or SIP trunking provider. Many offer some type of free trial. There are hundreds to choose from, varying greatly in quality, reliability, feature set, support and of course price. If you want some guidance with this, let us know what country you are in, the intended use of the system (business, residential, hobby, etc.), approximate size (number of phones, number of simultaneous calls) and expected monthly minutes usage.

As @arielgrin noted, you can also connect your own IP phones, ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters), softphones and SIP mobile apps over the internet, without using a paid provider. If you want help with this, let us know what devices you would like to connect and what networking equipment you have at the various locations.

Also, tell us about your PBX. Cloud or on-site? If cloud, where is it hosted? If on-site, describe the physical machine or virtualization platform you are using.

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