FreePBX for Dummies?

(Robert Tramontana) #81

It does? I just hate having to do rollbacks, and SOMETIMES the snapshot can break for some strange reason, but I’ll give this a whack, if everything goes right, expect an update in at most a month…

(Dan) #82

I don’t recall that you’ve said what hypervisor you’re using (and I’m not going to review 80+ posts to see), but almost all of them have a VM snapshot feature (even VirtualBox has this). In my experience, it’s very reliable, and it’s essential to testing things, as it makes it trivial to revert changes when they don’t have the desired effect. But with that aside, no, a yum upgrade shouldn’t upgrade FreePBX versions.

(Dave Burgess) #83

Not the Asterisk version - you do that “on purpose” and the channel manager code will just have to be recompiled. Each of the versions of Asterisk will have its own version of the channel driver, so while it might take a few seconds to get it back up and running after an Asterisk upgrade, “yum update” shouldn’t cause any problems - at least, it hasn’t in the 10+ years I’ve been using the driver.

(Robert Tramontana) #84

Hypervisor? I’m using Oracle VirtualBox, and it has the feature, I just very seldom do anything MAJOR to my VM, ie update it to FreePBX 15+, because it broke the entire system before, hence why I requested clarification. Thanks.

Understood, I’ve got some more confidence now, I’ll update you when I have anything to report

(Dan) #85

A hypervisor is the software that runs virtual machines.

(Robert Tramontana) #86

Wait! I lied! Mine’s a Type 2 as my host machine runs Win10, and uses VirtualBox

(Communication Technologies) #87

FWIW, we have got Avaya 96XX phones to register via simple SIP, as opposed to H.323, and it works alright (appearances, hold, conf, transfer). There are directions out there for BLF and phonebook that involve setting up a intermediary SOAP sever, but we haven’t gotten that far (trying them) yet.

I echo everyone else in saying that there are way easier (and cheaper) phones out there that would be a much better fit. We are an Avaya-first environment, using FreePBX to create unique call treatments and other edge use cases. In our case there was value in trying to have one set of phones (Avaya) that could fall back to Asterisk in certain use cases.

(Robert Tramontana) #88

I dunno, I just like these Cisco and Avaya phones, I guess a diverse IP phone system sounds nice? But again, just a hobby

(Communication Technologies) #89

I like the Avaya phones too, could be bias though.

FWIW, we have sampled many of the supported phones,

and it is hard to go back to Avaya considering these phones are cheaper per unit, and there is support built into the GUI in setting them up and provisioning. It is so much faster and so (very) much easier to support.

(Robert Tramontana) #90

laughs maniacally I saw them a lot in High school, I’m more preferring the Cisco phones as those were what I grew up with since Elementary school, but yeah.

(FWIW meaning “For what it’s worth”?) This link will come in handy, thank you.

The Cisco phones? I can imagine, Cisco is probably the leader in VoIP phone marketing, not bashing on Sangoma (No offense), just not familiar with them, and while I’d probably like to buy a Sangoma phone, my budget doesn’t allow for it, which is actually kinda sad because like I said, diversity in my VoIP system actually sounds nice, even though it’s just a hobby system… Anyway, no updates on my progress right now, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

(United Kingdom) #91

i can help add me on Discord ToxicJ#8273

(Robert Tramontana) #92

It says you aren’t accepting friend requests on Discord… Try adding me; Ender#3764

(Robert Tramontana) #93


Got help via Discord, we’re experimenting with a new system, but on the old system; my 7941 will no longer register, initially TFTPing to the PBX server, now doing so to TFTPD on my host machine, still no luck, changed extension to PJSIP then back to SIP, nothing, SCCP not underway yet…

(Rob Thomas) #94

Dude, seriously. Give up. Accept that you have wasted your money on these bricks. It’s a life lesson to learn. If the price of something is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

Do what the person you bought them from did to you - sell them on ebay to an unsuspecting buyer who will then realise that they’re not worth the money they spent on freight to get them from you.

(Robert Tramontana) #95

How about “No”?

(Rob Thomas) #96

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’ve been scammed. It happens to everyone. You’ve been scammed. Accept it and move along.


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(Robert Tramontana) #98

I haven’t been scammed, mate! I’m just not as knowledgeable about all of this! So how’s about you knock this off and just let me work on this on my own pace, yeah?

(Robert Tramontana) #99

Don’t start this again! We’ve already talked about this before, don’t need any more!

(Rob Thomas) #100

Then why aren’t you listening to people who ARE knowledgeable? Please, take a step back. Say to yourself ‘The guy who wrote the software I am using is telling me I have been scammed’. Then listen to what you just said.

If you still disagree then there’s nothing really else I can do here.