FreePBX for Dummies?

Hey there, I could use some help on doing a plethora of things in regards to Cisco IP phones (Currently using CP-7941G and 7965G phones (And soon Avaya IP phones)) I wish I could have working, but when it comes to doing a lot of the advanced stuff/changes and all, I’m a LITERAL caveman… it’s all pretty much in Greek to me… so I’d love some hands-on help doing these things, maybe like via Discord and such? But… yeah… I’m pretty much a caveman when I’m trying to do things, a lot of the guides and such out there are also foreign… all the stuff like “edit sip.conf” or "edit extensions.conf’ and such… If anyone’d be willing to help me out, please let me know!

Details on what I’d like:
I’d like to be able to get BLF for my phones to work, I’d also love to get background images to work as well, I’d love to get a second dial tone by pressing 9, and change the internal tones played by the Cisco phones as well (Not sure why they don’t just REQUEST the tones from the current call manager being used, but eh…)
Bonus points for getting things to load quicker than I do with TFTPD on my host machine and (somehow) being able to provision phones without TFTPD, a number of other customization abilities (like texts, service stuff, custom directories, etc) are optional, but will also reward bonus points

Preferred platform is Discord, but any will suffice

This forum is a great resource for specific questions.

Although dated, this book is a great introduction to Asterisk and how it works. Covers a lot of the concepts of what files do what, syntax and what to edit.:

Visual Learner:


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Thanks, I must apologize for not specifying (I will edit the core topic here shortly) that I had things I needed to do with Cisco phones rather than Sangoma phones, and eventually Avaya IP phones…

I’m open to provide help through Anydesk, assuming you have a willing to do some work yourself, like having an already installed FreePBX server with some extensions created on it.

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Anydesk? Do you have a Discord by chance? Is Anydesk free? And I can do the legwork as long as the instructions are clear and easy to understand, and yes, I have FreePBX installed and a couple of extensions as this is a hobby/discovery system

Anydesk is free for non commercial use, is a remote desktop software, like teamviewer and the like.

While it’d be a good idea to have, I however just need audible instruction, Discord would allow me to share my screen so you can observe my progress, I also DO have TeamViewer, but if AnyDesk is needed, I can fetch a copy and install it, would you prefer it be on my host machine (running FreePBX on a VM), or my remote? Which is my Mac, btw…

Let me know if you need me to install it anywhere…

Avaya IP:


Looking through it now

@cynjut is a Cisco subject matter expert here, and may be able to help you with specific questions, but you may need to work out support with him depending on your needs.

Hobby system, I don’t need TOO much working, but would love to talk to them, if they have a Discord, please let me know, I can post my tag here if needed

First issue thrown; Maybe run: yum groups mark install (see man yum)
No packages in any requested group available to install or update

FWIW, it might be easier to get to people where they already are (here) than where you would like them to be.

Also check this out (forum search on the word Cisco):

A lot of what you may run into could already be solved in these pages.

I’m requesting contact via a different platform in hopes to reduce confusion, it might be easier with audible instructions given to me, but that’s just me, this platform is fine, I just would prefer audible instructions, and form my progress to be monitored actively, y’know what I’m saying? You’re right, I just have a bit of a preference…

You’re free to make the request, but to do so is to abuse the patience of forum volunteers. You should not be too surprised if nobody takes you up on it. Furthermore, when you divert questions and answers away from this public forum, it benefits you alone and not the community at large.

Also note that you are asking for free what is provided by Sangoma (the FreePBX Commercial sponsor) as a paid support service. Since your questions center around unsupported devices, I’m not suggesting that paid support (link at top of page) is necessarily a good fit for you, but it is an option.

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I see…

So the vibes I’m now getting is to give up, stop trying, and find a new hobby, huh…?

Nobody is telling you to give up. There is ENORMOUS middle ground between getting an expert to walk you thru complex setup using your preferred sharing platform (for free!) and giving up all together.

I understand that, but what I’m trying to do is achieve said walkthrough but in a form that might actually be easier, since apparently doing this over the discord server wasn’t possible…