FreePBX for Dummies?


Nor I, if you refuse to follow @cynjut leads, you will be in for a long haul.

(When you get it working. please post your solution)

(Robert Tramontana) #102

You! Wrote the software for what? Cisco or FreePBX?

(Robert Tramontana) #103

And that’s a long haul I’m willing to take!

(Will do.)


Clue, he didn’t write the Cisco software.

(Robert Tramontana) #105

Y’know, this really upsets me! I get into a hobby and EVERYONE and their cat just discourages me and talks me down from it, telling me, VERY BLATANTLY, and otherwise, to give up! This just grinds my gears to the moon and beyond! This is why I hate society with a billion passions! Everyone’s constantly attacking me and making me feel bad! It really needs to stop!

In fact, if you don’t have anything POSITIVE to say, DO NOT RESPOND!!! Go look at someone else’s topic and take your negativity THERE, otherwise, KEEP IT POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE!

(Robert Tramontana) #106

So he wrote Asterisk and FreePBX?


Another clue, he didn’t write Asterisk.

(Robert Tramontana) #108

Then what DID he write?

(Rob Thomas) #109

Well, I do have a chunk of code in Asterisk, but mainly FreePBX, yes.

(Robert Tramontana) #110

Thanks for clarifying…


Wisdom that you dislike is not the same thing as negativity.

If indeed this is a hobby, the goal should be learning, right? The way to learn is not to start with the most difficult configuration possible and sap the community to get something working. The way to learn is to start simple and get more complicated. Take the advice of people here, get an easier phone and learn the concepts of SIP, provisioning, and PBX configuration, then move on to the PITA 7941.

(Rob Thomas) #112

Everyone has told you VERY BLATANTLY that you have bought the wrong thing. If you wanted to get into car racing, and you jumped onto a car racing forum asking how to prepare your motorbike for car racing, what do you think people would say?

They would not - for example - try to convince you to bolt another motorbike to the side of the first one. They would tell you you have bought the wrong thing.

You have bought the wrong thing. You have been scammed. Accept this and move along.

(Robert Tramontana) #113

And giving up SHOULD NOT be involved in learning!

This… right here… This negativity… I’m not “sapping the community”… If I don’t know how to do something, shouldn’t I ask for help? If not, then excuse me for asking for help, I’ll figure it out on my own and stop bothering the lot of you…

Yes, this I agree with, and I did, I got the phones to work in the first place, and figured out some of the FreePBX feature codes and such, so I made a number of steps forward, and I wanna learn to do more things… so if I wanna rebuild my PBX system, I can just re-trace my steps…

Kinda hard to do without money, let alone a job…

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Y’know what…

(Robert Tramontana) #115

I need an admin to please close this topic, I clearly can’t rely on ANYBODY to help me! So fine! Y’all want me to give up? FINE!!!

(Rob Thomas) #116

Send me a PM with your address. I’ll dig through the shed and see what phones I can send you.

(Robert Tramontana) #117

Too late for that now! If the solution to give up, SO BE IT!!!

(Robert Tramontana) #118

Also I live in America…


Nobody wants you to give up, we all want you to just effing listen!!!

Apparently not a skill you have yet acquired

(Robert Tramontana) #120

Are you sure about that? @dicko