FreePBX for Dummies?

So I guess everyone now wants to know EXACTLY what I’m trying to accomplish, huh?

Seems like an excellent starting point when requesting help.

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I’ll list these in the primary subject as well, but as for here;
I’d like to be able to get BLF for my phones to work, I’d also love to get background images to work as well, I’d love to get a second dial tone by pressing 9, and change the internal tones played by the Cisco phones as well (Not sure why they don’t just REQUEST the tones from the current call manager being used, but eh…)
Bonus points for getting things to load quicker than I do with TFTPD on my host machine and (somehow) being able to provision phones without TFTPD, a number of other customization abilities (like texts, service stuff, custom directories, etc) are optional, but will also reward bonus points

What phones are you using?

Exact models? CP-7941G (might be one of my biggest mistakes, but I got it for a steal on eBay) and a CP-7965G, I eventually plan on getting an Avaya 9608G, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I suppose I should also ask; True or False? The Cisco 7941 supports BLF? I’m pretty confident the answer is false, but I’d like your input?

Read this wiki and see if it helps you.

For cisco 79xx series, look at the link from the previous post, chan-sccp-b is the best way of getting fully functioning SCCP cisco phones without the need of patching asterisk.
No personal experience with Avaya.
My suggestion, try for yourself and ask specific questions if/when you encounter specific issues that you can’t seem to solve by yourself.

I heard SCCP is HARD to work with, and I was initially going with 22408Aaron’s “guide” if I can even call it that… and… well… y’know…

Comtech, I’ve had a look, and the source forge link is forbidden for me, and it doesn’t help me, sadly… as I’m not really able to do anything with this info…

It depends on what you call HARD. If you are expecting some kind of wizard where you click through a series of “next” buttons, then yes, you could say so.
Buy if you are willing to read and follow the instructions by yourself, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m praying I don’t have to make a new VM altogether… reading? I guess I could, but progress won’t really be as monitored as I’d like, but okay…

It seems you are not willing to do the job by yourself, you will probably be best served with paid support.

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My first tongue in cheek post was decided to be inappropriate so deleted , oh well, but as a freshman I suggest you just chose the wrong hardware, it is probably the least satisfying albeit the cheapest voip hardware available on ebay, split you wallet open and get a yealink or polycom , you will be be surprised how easy these guys are to use.

(No need for pretty shells. :slight_smile: )

Allow me to reiterate…

You’re about to find out why they are cheap. I like xrobau’s take on the 79xx series.

Already did XP

I don’t run a business… I’m struggling to take care of myself, thanks…

Chan-sccp-b instructions are detailed and step-by-step. If you are comfortable around a linux terminal, it should be doable for you.

Then go the easy way but not with those hardware’s