FreePBX End Point Manager Feedback

I figure I would take a moment to catch everyone up on the FreePBX End Point Manager. This seems to be the most popular Commercial Module to date and lots of you rely on this to help simplify the configurations of your End Points. As the users of this module already know we are adding features, device support and bug fixes on a monthly basis and have been since we released this module 7 months ago now.  

A few months ago I started a wiki article on our Roadmap and Release Notes as well as great documentation on supported devices.  We also have listed some gotchas that we are aware of with different device limitations and finally provided all the variables that any of you advanced users who like to play with the indepth Base File Editor can use.

So now the question at hand.  What features would you like to see added the most?  What concepts of the current EPM would you like to see changes and what devices do we need to add support for.  Please remember to look at the roadmap to see the next upcoming devices and features that are being planned already.

Your input is very valuable to us as we plan out the next few months of features for this important module.  Thank You.

Ok that subject doesn’t mean much… What I’d like is to have hierarchy for templates so one could define the standard for a site but allow overrides for specific extensions of groups of phones. That way if something changes in the top level template it wouldn’t mean changing various other duplicates of that template.

Hope that makes sense.

I am excited to see more support for Digium phones. They are great phones!

Will you be including in future Distro builds?

Maybe you could talk to Digium about adding the Digium pgones add-on module the include in the AsteriskNow 3.0 distro release.

I am excited to see more support for Digium phones. They are great phones!

Will you be including in future Distro builds?

Maybe you could talk to Digium about adding the Digium pgones add-on module the include in the AsteriskNow 3.0 distro release.

Perhaps you could also include the Digium phones module in the repo too.

Our Asterisk 10 and 11 already have support for DPMA. Just do not configure Digium phones with DPMA at this time. That is on the roadmap.

You would need to chat with Digium about assigning over the module to us for inclusion into FreePBX. That is their call.

I would like to see support for the Obi 202 ATA. They seem to be very popular not to mention I have 40 of them deployed :slight_smile:

I was looking at adding them 3-4 months ago but nobody at obi would return out emails and we wont add a device for a manufacture unless they will provide us engineering level support.

Tony, I am actually in contact now with the Obi people and they are requesting contact info for your company. If you like I can point them your way but I wanted to ask first. Thanks!

I PM’d you my contact info


I would like to see the new version 70 supported. They have changed the auto provisioning config files from version 61 to 70, so would require a re-write of the base files. However I understand that now T2x and T3x devices all use the same method of provisioning, so might save time here. I would be happy to purchase the commercial module (for multiple servers that we run) if I knew that this was supported.


Its already in the works. We have the Dect phone, T42G and T46G so the whole yealink provisioning is being re-written.

Also its not quite as easy as just updating to use the new way as we also support the VP2009 which is not getting new firmware upgrades so we have to handle both the old way and the new way. UGGGGG. Its like Polycom all over again.

Thanks Tony, good to know its in the pipeline. Obviously it would be best to support all products but the VP2009 is now end of life and I think the new VP530 video phone supports the same provisioning as the rest of the range, I would be tempted to forget about supporting the VP2009. I don’t suppose many people use them and if they do, probably only have one or two sat in a meeting room, so could manually provision them if required.
Just my 2 cents.
Just seems like a lot of work to support a dead product.

Sorry we take the stance of supporting all devices with a manufacture we support.

I was hoping you might have a comment.

BTW, I would be happy to help test any Polycom stuff. We have deployed mostly this model, but have a couple of the Soundpoint IP series models also.

I am now able to use this product with Polycom phones. The update bootrom if the phone is looping feature was just the trick.

Thanks so much for this!


A while back I implemented OS-EPM for a client when I would have preferred to use the commercial product because I needed device/user support. Is this available in the commercial version, yet?

i have issues trying to create extension on my asterisk server using my free PBX… the web interface keeps redirecting me to the admin login page when ever i try to create extension without displaying the ‘create extension interface and the privilege’ what should i do?

I will tell you what you shouldn’t do. Hijack a thread post made sticky on a specific subject by the President of the company that sponsors the project.

Perhaps you thought you problem was so important you could butt into an existing thread with your question.

Either way, nobody is going to answer this question before you provide complete information and post in the correct forums.