FreePBX Distro Install with nolvm

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Volume groups on a VPS doesn’t make much sense, in my opinion and experience.

You can install from Distro ISO and not get volume groups if you boot with the parameter nolvm added to the kernel command line.

The resulting partition scheme is 95% of the disk formatted ext4 for the root partition and 5% for swap.

Alternatively, if your disk is already partitioned and formatted and ready to go, you can boot with skip-hdd-setup and the ISO will just start installing to it.

Resize partition for FreePBX on Vutlr
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Great, thanks for that info. I am not familiar enough with Linux to know why Volume Groups are good or bad in this instance. I shall Google it.

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For folks not familiar with what it means to add a parameter to the kernel command line, here’s a little more detail in pictures (using Vultr).

Deploy a new server and pick FreePBX Distro from the ISO library:

Once the server shows “Running,” open the console:



Result after install:


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No i mean I’m familiar with adding things like that, I’m not familiar with volume groups.

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I was replying to the topic in general (for future readers) not specifically to you. Sorry for the confusion. I updated my comment to make it more clear. :slight_smile:

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