Freepbx Distro Conversion no recordings

I ran the conversion tool this evening to migrate from a Virtual machine on 13 to a Physical machine on 14. I seem to have had an issue with the recordings and voicemail settings coming over. Voicemail is now off on all extensions and none of my system recordings migrated. I am fully up to date on the new physical machine but 13 is a year behind and it’s so far behind that I’m quite scared to update it. Running the normal FreePBX distro on both. Any thoughts on this?

I followed that guide. That’s why I’m here because those settings that are speicifcally note that will come over

They don’t. Follow my guide, it’s not a big deal

Ok, found it and that helped. And from that, you have to rebuild everything in EPM?

Ahh, I see what Igaetz did, I clicked the guide link from the conversion tool instead of the How to Link above it. Well, I’m an idiot. I spent a few minutes searching your message history to find your guide…

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You can export the EPM templates to CSV. You need to make sure you do that before you migrate the EPM license to the new VM. I need to update the guide

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