FreePBX devided in groups

I was wondering if there was a way to divide a FreePBX system into multiple separated groups? As an example, I have 16 phones and want to use 3 extension ranges (7 phones on 5xx, 3 on 6xx, 5 on 7xx).

we are looking at about 8 channels with 3 DID’s. I believe I can control inbound and outbound rules to control call routing and limit DID and channel use between the 3 ranges.

Is there a way to prevent the 3 groups from being able to see each other, make them their own private system?

Search the forum for “multi-tennant”. Not really suitable for FreePBX.

It seems your request is exactly a multi-tenant situation, for which FreePBX might not be the most appropriate approach. If you are willing to try another product, take a look at FusionPBX. It is also open source, it has FreeSWITCH at its core and a GUI that will help you set it up and administer it, just like FreePBX and Asterisk.


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