FreePBX Default Admin Passwords

If someone could help “fill in” the below mentioned information, it would be a great time saver:

  1. FreePBX Admin Page

username: maint
password: password

  1. Linux WebAdmin

username: ???
password: ???

  1. Voicemail & Recordings

username: ???
password: ???

If you have knowledge of the last two, please make it known to the community. Believe me, if you are new to this and do not have a Unix/Linux background, you can lose an entire day looking for answers (we I.T. folks love to make it work, but are “shite” when it comes to openly documenting the little things :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

I definitelye agree with you SkykingOh regarding where I’ve been looking all day. Had the webmin starting guide been more “newbie intuitive friendly,” I’d probably not searched so long, but, hey, I’ve sorta got what I’m after, and it’s a learning process. My other post in this forum should be of some use to the “newly lost” like myself…

Thanks for commenting…

I really wonder what you spent the whole day looking at. It was not the webmin getting started guide.


webmin is root and your root password.

The ARI is the extensions and the voicemail password.