Freepbx cloud

Hello i am very new with freepbx.
I have installed local freepbx with some Linksys pap2t, It is working well and can dialed remotely with tailscale.

Now i have installed freepbx in my hosting. Extension are registered but call decline. As i am newbie with this and installation are clean, no additional setup yet.
Would someone give me a hint what to do


Please provide a call trace via pastebin

i got this

Please post the output of:

grep C-00000001 /var/log/asterisk/full | pastebin

I use debian 11, with no endpoint manager and sysadmin modul yet

Don’t do this if you say things like this:

Use the actual distro. learn the ecosystem. Then if you want to snowflake on your own OS, feel free.


ok thank you so much, will learn more

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