FreePBX CID Lookup Inbound OpenCNAME Replacement?

I’ve never setup CID Lookup before and having some trouble figuring out how it’s meant to function.

Goal: Just have a standard CID Lookup so on the phones inbound calls show the callers name. It seems naturally you can hook it into all sorts of “private” libraries for numbers.

However what’s some of the options for doing a “public” lookup. It seems that option “was” OpenCNAME? But it looks like they were bought out and can’t make heads or tails whats going on with the new owners.

I’ve “setup” OpenCNAME and set the inbound route to use that as the CID source lookup. However I still just get the phone number with no name. So not even sure if that’s correct or no longer working. So I guess in short, what’s the easiest way to setup CID Lookup from a public directory?

OpenCNAM. Not OpenCNAME.

And there will be no replacement because the company that bought them now basically own all access to the CNAM

An interesting statement, I wasn’t aware they cornered the market. . .

The easiest way is to simply turn on the feature with your SIP trunk provider… if you are using a SIP trunk. Most of them offer CNAM lookups either as part of the origination service or as an add-on, and then the name will be delivered in the caller ID. How are you receiving your inbound calls?

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Numbers will mostly work Names are less reliable, that is generally deferred to the ‘deliverer’ to so set it (one time) and the '‘recipient’ to do a ‘lookup’ so if you paid for that service you will likely be good.

You can of course maintain a local database to lookup incoming numbers, and perhaps override , the received name

The problem with getting CNAM from your carrier is that you pay for the lookup dip on every inbound. You cannot take advantage of local caching to save costs.

Additionally, I was told by a SIP carrier that Nuestar does not allow caching in their lookup agreements with carriers.

So if you want the best CNAM data, you have to pay Nuestar.

It’s a voip innovations (now a Sangoma company) trunk with Sangoma desk phones.

So other than enabling it at tut carrier end (which I’ve now done) for that DID, is there anything else that needs to be changed to pass along the info?

That should be all.


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