FreePBX Call log showing all call as being received by users extension


I put this under FreePBX as I found another post on the forums with the same issue as us but using the S series phones while we are using the p series. This post never found a resolution.

The issue is one of our users call log (on a P330) is showing all calls as being received by their own extension, instead of the callers number. Every other phone is displaying correctly. When signing in to another phone with this users extension the problem follows. When viewing the call log in the user control panel it displays correctly. I’ve been going through the settings on FreePBX to try see what is different with this users extension vs others but can’t find any differences. We have updated all modules and have updated all phones to the latest firmware as of today March 12th 2024.

Any suggestions - our next step will be to delete and recreate the users extension but we’re trying to avoid this.

Thank you,
Ryan Pratt

I see this was moved but is there any idea what on the freePBX side would cause this - multiple Sangoma Hardware platforms have experienced this so it isn’t isolated to this specific phone hardware. Hopefully there is someone with more experience that can shed some light on this.

I guess not many here have experienced this. Deleting and recreating this users extension did not resolve the issue. Odd that out of all our 15 users and phones this is the only one having this happen. Unfortunately it is happening on our accounting departments phone and they are not too thrilled with this new phone system…

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