FreePBX basefile for Nokia?

I am in the process of replacing all my networks from Cisco to Nokia ISAM (GPON). This also means replacing all my grandstreams (gxw4248) and moving the phone configs to the ONT. Anyone have any experience using FreePBX with Nokia ONT’s? The ONT has 2 POTS ports and I have sucessfully configured my ISAM on the network side so that the ONT’s work as either a bridge or a router but now I need to figure out how to get the POTS ports on the ONT’s to talk to FreePBX. Looking for any help here I can get. Nokia has been less than helpful on this so far. The ISAM is just a big VLAn switch, doesn’t do anything related to Internet or phone, all the magic happens in the ONT. I am assuming I can just build a basefile for the ONT model and include all of the parameters of the ONT (values) for the available features? I did get a listing from Nokia on the VoIP parameters for the ONT just not sure how that correlates to a baseline file which just looks like a bunch of parameters and values?

OK, no comments in 9 days, anyone know how to make a basefile in general?

There are several posts indicating that this is not easy, for example Adding a custom brand in Endpoint Manager .

However, given that you are replacing high-port-count FXS gateways (I assume that this is for a hotel, hospital, school, etc.), I would guess that the configs are all the same except for extension number and password.

So, create one config file manually and get it to work. Then, write a simple script that replicates the files, substituting only the two lines with credentials, naming them appropriately by MAC address.

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we are converting our entire platform from grandstream and cisco network to gpon and Nokia ONT. We haven’t settled entirely on the ONT yet but it will definitely be a Nokia with 2 POTS ports. There are only a few options available and once I choose a model it will probably be the only one we use for all POTS lines for an entire complex like a residential tower or mall. Probably looking at 300-10000 lines depending on the site. (We currently have 1/2 dozen malls). The conversion from Cisco to Nokia will streamline and dramatically simplify the entire configuration and allow us to manage the ONT (both bridge mode and router modes) entirely from within our organization remotely even if the customer factory resets the ONT/Router. The setting up of the PBX and getting it to work with the POTS ports of the ONT is the last hurdle to getting the infrastructure up and running. Is there any documentation of creating a basefile for a device? I’m not opposed to starting from scratch.

any recommendations on adding new base files? If I have all the commands for the ONT’s how do I convert this to basefile variables? I also understand some of you out there dont use endpoint and add your phones manually, maybe I can do this instead? Is there any documentation on how to do that?

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