Adding a custom brand in Endpoint Manager

I just bought the Endpoint Manager License because I thought I can add a custom brand and then templates for custom phones. Now I saw that this does not seem to be the case.
How should I try to auto provision phones from manufacturer that are not supported in EPM?
Yes, I am ready to do some XML or config file editing. The manufacturer is Gigaset, the model is Maxwell 3

Shall I do this in asterisk somehow?

There are a couple of approaches that work.

  1. Build a provisioning file and put it in the TFTP directory for your phones to pick up.
  2. Contact the manufacturer and ask them to be included in EPM.

There may be a phone that is “close” in EPM (I doubt it, but what the heck) that you can use to manage the basefile, you could start there and work your way out.

Commercial EPM is a closed universe, and some manufacturers aren’t interested in working with FreePBX. Others are. Being a customer gives you more push than any of us, or even Sangoma.

I fought this fight when we evaluated the Maxwell 4 and 10S phones. Their hardware is absolutely fantastic; however, they seem to have less than zero interest in playing well with other manufacturers. I ended up creating a custom setup in EPM that “worked”, but not well. It was a haphazard and makeshift solution. We ended up returning the Maxwell phones and purchased Digium phones instead.

Good luck!

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