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Freepbx & Asterisk using far more resources on the Freepbx 14 distro

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(ADTopkek) #1

Has anyone else noticed that the Freepbx 14 Distro uses far more CPU than the Freepbx 13 Distro used to use? We upgraded from Distro 13->14 and were having issues so we wiped everything and reinstalled a fresh 14 then restored from a backup. Memory usage seems about the same. Using asterisk 13 (LTS) like we used when we were on the 13 distro .

While the system is actively being used the load averages are just higher than they used to be on Freepbx 13 and the cpu spikes a lot more. When reloading on 14 the load average goes to a 10-12 when it used to be 6-9 on 13. We haven’t added much since the upgrade so it shouldn’t have changed this much from us doing things. This is a pretty active server with 50 calls being norm in the middle of the workday.

Has anyone else experienced this or found out what is going on?

(Andrew Nagy) #2

(ADTopkek) #3

I wasn’t referring to the GUI, the GUI is quite a bit faster in 14. Just watching htop while not touching the GUI at all with the UCP off. Doing a reload from fwconsole reload causes the load average to spike far more than it used to on 13.

Performing reloads is starting to cause a lot of worry due to the spikes.

(Andrew Nagy) #4

The cross referenced post still applies.

(ADTopkek) #5

So we found something that was causing CPU spikes on a schedule. It also seems that it is having a consistent error over and over and over and over:

Bad File Mode

Checking the /etc/cron.d/ folder we had this:

It had this in the file:

# This runs the update check every night at midnight. It sleeps for up to an hour
# as a random delay.
# This file was installed by the 'sangoma-pbx' package.
0 0 * * * root [ -e /etc/profile.d/ ] && /etc/profile.d/ update

Isn’t only the root user suppose to be in the etc/cron.d/ directory?

(Andrew Nagy) #7

Change the ownership of the file if you think that is what’s causing your systemwide issues (I doubt it is)

(Rob Thomas) #8

Whoops, yes, that’s a bug. That REALLY shouldn’t be owned by the asterisk user! Thanks very much for picking that up!

(Rob Thomas) #9

This is now fixed in sangoma-pbx-1802-2, just run ‘yum update’ and it’ll pick it up. (You may need to ‘yum clean metadata’ first, if it doesn’t pick it up as available). Thanks!