FreePBX/Asterisk-Gui management


I installed the latest AsteriskNow 1.5. Everything installed no problem. I also installed Asterisk-Gui, no problem. I used AG to create Dial Plan and 2 extensions, which show up in extensions.conf file, good so far…

When I use FreePbx however, the extensions I created do not show up. I created another extension and applied changes, and tried to use xlite to connect to Freepbx ext i created, but I get error message.

What config files (extension,manager) are Freepbx using? Why are they different from Asterisk config files? Why was I not able to connect to Freepbx Sip extension? Do I need to remove asterisk .conf files?

Any clarification explaination would be great…

Thanks in advanced

FreePBX can’t coexist with another GUI. It is database driven and rewrites the dialplan on every commit.

If you apply your config changes in FreePBX and look at extensions.conf you can see all the included config files.

Users can only change files with custom in the name. There are hooks everywhere in the dialplan written by FreePBX to customize.

Thank you SkykingOH… That was an excellent answer… I found the configuration file explanation page and will read up on it more… Thanks…