freePBX / Asterisk converting tool

Hello everyone,

im planning to upgrade my freePBX / Asterisk Version to the latest state.
I’ve just stumbled across the converting tool :

We are only using freePBX/Asterisk right now with freePBX 10.13.66-2 & Asterisk 13.12.2
Does that tool only work if you have elastix or is it freePBX/Asterisk only compatible too? Maybe someone has experiences with that.

Thanks in advance!

Addition: I mean it is made to convert Elastix to freePBX/Asterisk. But can it be used for a freePBX/Asterisk Update to a new machine? Because i feel more comfortable using a tool like this on a new machine instead of updating the running VM.

From the Wiki

The Distro Conversion tool allows you to take any FreePBX based system that is running version 2.9 or higher (up to, and including 14!) and migrate all the PBX settings to a new system.

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