Freepbx Api response ajaxRequest declined

insomia or postman test

url /admin/api/api/token


“error”: “ajaxRequest declined”

other all api response

“error”: “ajaxRequest declined”

freebpx info =>
sudo fwconsole ma list |egrep “core|api|userman”
| api | | Enabled | AGPLv3+ |
| core | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |
| userman | 15.0.41 | Enabled | AGPLv3+ |

can i get some help.
what’s the problem?

Keep in mind that OAuth and the GraphQL/REST services are two different apps with two different protocols.

I think maybe the issue here is that the POST URL needs to go to a valid service I.E. /admin/api/api/gql for GraphQL or the service route for REST like /admin/api/api/rest/core/users. Everything about OAuth looks good though. I’m just not sure if it’s OAuth that’s throwing the error or the POST route.

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