FreePBX and Gigaset Go box 100

Good Afternoon everybody.
i’am new to freepbx and the community. i have some basic knowledge of Freepbx, like creating extensions for the phones and connecting some yealink cordless to the PBX. i have some problems at connecting a Gigaset Go box 100 voip cordless base to the PBX, it keeps telling me that the registration has failed. i am configurig the go box 100 following what i can understand, because i can’t seem to find any manual for it and it even wasn’t in the box that it came. is there someone that knows this particular cordless base and knows how to configure it and register it to FreePBX? many thanks in advance to anyone that reply

To register you would put the FreePBX extension credentials (found in FreePBX) into the SIP supported IP phone (usually there is an interface page).

thank you for you fast reply, but i am trying to do that part into the settings of the Go Box 100 using my pc but i can’t seem to get it registered, because it’s saying to me that has falied the registration. if it could help i can take some screenshots and post it here. the main problem is that i can’t find the manual for the go box even on the internet and i don’t understand some things that it propose me to configure.

I don’t have experience with this piece of kit, but it sounds like the Go Box may be the issue. Do they have a forum or support channel?


i went through the website and they have a support section. already tried to find a manual about the device but i only found a description of it and no manual. i saw that you can open a ticket to request info or other things, i am opening one right after this post. but i am confident that i find someone that has already worked on it here.

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I wrote to gigaset support, but i haven’t received an answer yet, someone here knows something about the Go Box 100 to help with configuration? many thanks in andvance

It doesn’t seem like anyone does and since FreePBX is community supported for non Sangoma hardware it would be great if you could document something once you find out how to configure things for anyone that comes along in the future with the same request.

if i find something useful about this device i am going to post it immediately, since it seems like it’s pretty unknown to everyone this box. but i hope that someone, sooner or later, that knows something, will pop up :rofl: :wink:

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