FreePBX and ATA on same network?

Is it possible to have FreePBX and an ATA active on the same network? I’m just getting started with FreePBX. I’ve been trying it out on a Raspberry Pi and I’m having trouble getting it to play nice with an ATA on the same network.

The ATA can be stable for days, but a few minutes after starting up FreePBX and getting it to register with my voip provider, the ATA un-registers. The only way I can get it back up is to power off the ATA, and then power it back on.

I’m using …

FreePBX (on a Raspberry Pi)
A Grandstream HT702 ATA
D-Link DIR-601 router

The ATA is registered with on port 5060, UPD, SIP.

I’ve tried FreePBX using SIP on the same port, SIP on port 5080 ( supports both), IAX on port 4569. I’ve tried both with and without port-forwarding 4569.

I need to keep the ATA registered (it’s providing primary phone access), but I’d like to play around with FreePBX at the same time.

What am I missing?

I doubt your provider will allow you to register FreePBX and your ATA at the same time, which is why when one registers, the other gets kicked off, then if you reboot the first one it will work again but kick the other off.

I have a similar setup as you (but working). I have a Cordless Panasonic Phone Base Station with 3 handsets and single analog line connected to Cisco SPA3102 then SIP Trunk to FreePBX Raspberry Pi which is connected to a SIP Trunk with Broadvoice.

When a call comes in, it goes BroadVoice to FreePBX which goes to a Queue that rings and includes the ATA extension

So you need to create the ATA phone as an extension in FreePBX, register ATA as a trunk IN FREEPBX, and also register the trunk to FreePBX only (not ATA)