FreePBX not accepts point caracter in the Display Name field of Extensions

Hi everybody,

I have upgraded my FreePBX 2.5.x to FreePBX

With the old version it was accepted in the “Display Name” of Extensions, by example, “M. John”, but with de new version it tells me that it’s wrong “Please enter a valid Display Name”.

Can you tell me what can I do?



Remove the ‘.’ in the name.


I already knew that but I need put the ‘.’ becouse all Extensions that i have created with the 2.5.x version they work well.

Is there any way to do this?



No, it was changed in 2.6, only alphanumeric characters are allowed. I think that this question was asked a while ago and I looked it up why it was changed, but I have forgot what it was.

I found it, it was changed over two years ago in 2.5. Please see

Ok, Mikael,

Very thanks,