ActiveDirectory imported extens display name non-editable

We have a FreePBX VM installed with Distro.
Modules and OS are fully updated.
Users synced with microsoft active directory and AD DisplayName mapped to FPBX extensions display name. Everything imported and mapped successfully, extensions ringing and display name appears on phone screens in national symbols and with spaces. BUT, if we trying to edit an extension - it’s impossible to save changes because FPBX requires to change display name to alfa-numeric. We’d prefer to keep Display Name with spaces and in national symbols.
Is there any way to skip this check?
I’ve found a topic where this declared as forbidden, but it was long time ago, may be something has changed in newest versions?

UPD: It is possible to update extensions with “wrong” characters in display name through bulk import. This way FPBX doesn’t check it, you can set it to whatever you’d like and edit any other exten options. So is there any reason to keep this restriction in GUI?

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