Freepbx 16 + yealink t28p pjsip extension registered but unavailable

I’m working on migrating a client with old yealink sip t28p phones to a Freepbx 16 box (cloud hosted) and I have the phones configured and registered, but on all the yealink t28’s when I check the AOR in EPM after a few mins, they say unavail. I have updated them to the latest firmware, still same result. I also have some random yealink t20p, t27p & t38g’s at the same site and they all still show avail, but the t28p’s do not.

Any advise?

Use the CLI “pjsip set logger on” command to see if the REGISTER is reaching Asterisk, on the correct port, and if not work backwards through the network until you see the REGISTERs.

If they are arriving, look at the full log for any reasons given for rejecting them.

I moved one of these yealink t28 phones to a freepbx 15 box running chan_sip and it did the same thing (status of unreachable on asterisk info > peers), so I don’t think it’s anything specific to pjsip…I now think it’s a sonicwall issue, as the phones are behind a Sonicwall and the pbx is in a datacenter outside (on the wan side) the sonicwall.


To see and learn more …
Try using the TCP transport instead of UDP.
Port 5060

Sonicwall = Their manual has an entire chapter on SIP (chapter 4).

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