freePBX-16 uses more than 16Gb on HDD - why?

I have one freePBX-16 machine, which uses more than 16Gb HDD-space and it’s getting bigger over time. What is it? Anything I can do?

Probably logging of attempted toll fraud (security log), although other logs could could also grow.

It says logs are only about 650mb (see above). More than 15Gb are in the “other” section. Could it be that this is related to the EPM and the Sangoma P370 phone (firmware)?

yum install ncdu

and use it to see where your space is being taken up.

Thanks…is it normal that /var/www/html/admin/modules/cache is 3,1Gb large?

in addition… /var/cache is 2,1Gb large…

It seems to be a known issue…

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Lol yep

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