FreePBX 16: Failed to send notification email

Using Asterisk version 16.28.0, and FreePBX version 16.0.33.

This is a follow-up on the original FreePBX 16: No email notifications on modules updates available for upgrade thread that I am experiencing a long time ago.

I’ve done an upgrade of the FreePBX platform using the usual command line

sudo -u asterisk fwconsole ma updateall

and when restaring the FreePBX application, I am getting the following error message displayed on the FreePBX dashboard:

Failed to send security notification email: An attempt to send an email to "" with security notifications failed
Failed to send module notification email: An attempt to send an email to "" with update notifications failed

as outlined with the following screen dump under the “Dashboard → System Overview” panel:

Is there any means on how I can troubleshoot further on the nature of this problem with FreePBX?

The email MTA setup remained unchanged and works fine as described with the original thread above,. I do get email notifications in case of OS updates.

Admin - Updates - Scheduler and Alerts. Either disable email notifications or enter an address to send them to.

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As mentioned before, the configuration settings pertaining to the email destination remain the same as outlined with the “FreePBX 16: No email notifications on modules updates available for upgrade” thread and are valid as depicted with:

It is the same destination email address that I use on the OS level and this destination address works fine when sending out emails to the same email address as currently configured within the FreePBX GUI.

If the config is valid then clear the notification from the dashboard and it should not come back.

Yes, that’s what I do: I always clear the notifications, especially when an upgrade has been completed.

Though, whenever there’s a new module available for upgrade or a new security issue, I am getting the same notifications back again.

Have the same issue, but I don’t have multiple notifications. Just the same one that is over 11 months old. Email is working, since I’ll get update notifications. Just not sure how to clear that alert. You can “ignore” it, but that is about it.

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