FreePBX 16 and Debian 11

My favorite OS recently had a new version release and my favorite PBX has a new version release in beta so I thought I’d write up a fresh manual installation how-to for these.

On the FreePBX wiki

Gist if you just want to get straight to the commands.

I like to try to stick to package distributions as much as possible; Debian 11 is great because it has everything in the package repo.*,**

* Asterisk 16 only; maybe Asterisk 18 will be in the backports repo eventually
** Node 12 is a little too advanced for UCP but there’s a suggested fix in the pull requests queue


Great writeup! Thanks for posting this Bill!

@mattf is tzafrir still maintaining the debian packages?

Good question - haven’t talked with him in a while so I’m not sure.

Answering my own question…

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Great job man :slight_smile:

I had the chance to test this out on ARM64 architecture and it works just as well with the exception of the MariaDB ODBC connector. This needs to be built from source; there is no package available. @reraikes instructions at (Unofficial) FreePBX on Pi explain how.

Edit: here’s a package build; just tar zxf it and then dpkg -i the resulting deb file.

odbc-mariadb_3.1.9-1_arm64.deb.tgz (89.4 KB)


Would be nice if that PR got merged so that the UCP is functional too.

Besides that maybe the following commands also make sense (taken from the official tutorial for Debian 10.9):

fwconsole ma disablerepo commercial
fwconsole ma delete firewall

Great job as always!

If any community devs know node.js and want to help get this up to date, the ticket is

I thought I had a few straightforward fixes in place but it turns out I was in over my head and it doesn’t really work at all. Rather than leaving junk in place for others to trip over I have withdrawn my pull request and suggest someone else take a fresh crack at it.

The need is to replace the mariasql module with any MariaDB/MySQL connector that is current and supported.

One gotcha is you have to support node 8.16.0 which is what the SNG distro is on, the whole way up through at least 12.

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