FreePBX 15 is Released!

(HawkEye) #41

Where is the ISO for 15?

(Dux) #43

Does it support php7?

(satish4asterisk) #44

Yes I’m too interested in knowing consolidated list of features/enhancements/bug fixes in FreePBX 15.
Something similar to Asterisk releases, and

(Communication Technologies) #45

@jerrm @sb_asterisk This is where I usually look.

Not sure if this will be kept up-to-date in the future, maybe @mattf will know.


Falls into the “questionably current wiki content” category.


Does this mean that you’re not going to fix all the bugs that remain in FreePBX 14?

(David Shoebridge) #48

It has been a week since the announcement at Astricon and still no distro??? Also Zulu went GA but on the google play store it still says beta? Any ETA on this?


Any news at all @mattf?

We’re all eagerly waiting!

An ETA maybe?

(David M. Lee) #50


Also Zulu went GA but on the google play store it still says beta? Any ETA on this?

This has been a common confusion on Android. If you participated in the Zulu Mobile beta before our GA release, you’ll continue to be a part of the beta program. There should be a “leave beta” option at the bottom of the Zulu listing that you can use to leave the beta program.

(Matthew Fredrickson) #51

Alright, sorry about the delay - had a few unintended hickups at the end. We’ve got the ISO published and available on the FreePBX downloads page:

Best wishes,
Matthew Fredrickson


Purist correction needed, the page says it is “linux 7.6” . (linux != redhat/SNG)

(Matthew Fredrickson) #53

While you’re probably right, I think we’ll probably leave it how it is for now :slight_smile:



(hehe, probably != absolutely ;-), there is no such thing as
“linux 7.6” but if that’s the way you roll . . ., it’s no skin off my back )

(Jared Busch) #55

There is no operating system named Linux. Linux is a kernel used by the operating system.


And you generally add GNU to make it actually do anything , manipulate GNU to your liking and you have an OS, you can call it anything you want then but most folks add debian or centos or arch or something to differentiate, it makes it easier :wink:

(TheJames) #57

It should be Enterprise Linux but Christ you guys pick the weirdest crap to whine about

(Andrew Nagy) #58



I don’t see any whining anywhere until now, as I said “it’s no skin off my back”, its just that if you incorrectly claim that it is “linux 7.6” (and it’s not) then you could either correct the error or just baldly state that is doesn’t matter or its actually “Enterprise Linux” which is equally confusing , WTF is “Enterprise Linux” ? I can find

So guys , you invoke Christ to say “get over it”, I’m not sure he would agree, he was a proponent of truth. If facts are weird to you guys then we really are in a new alternate universe :wink:

Please claim anything you want and then yourselves whine about being called out , I’m sure nobody who doesn’t understand why purism is a good thing will care.

If I offend any ones thin skin, I apologize.

I now recuse myself from this thread :wink:

(TheJames) #60

Enterprise Linux is the trademark friendly way to refer to derivatives of Redhat. But you know this. You simply need attention and can’t afford a puppy I am guessing.

Symantec arguments about colloquialism only serve to make you come across as bitter or angry.

When you ask for a Kleenex and someone doesn’t hand a trademarked tissue do you smash drywall?

(TheJames) #62

Tell my sales department whoever they are… They better have my money.